Villoresi and Berlucchi at Pitti Immagine

Haute couture perfumes and Berlucchi Franciacorta wines partnered together at Pitti Immagine Uomo, the event that brings to Florence many prestigious menswear fashion brands.

The lounge of Classico Italia, the space dedicated to timeless fashion styles, was the venue where Lorenzo Villoresi, Italy’s most renowned “nose,” drew out from his olfactory treasure-house the principal sensory qualities of Berlucchi '61 Satèn and of Palazzo Lana Brut.

This expert sommelier led the public on a brief but ultra-rich multi-sensory journey, as they learned about the aromas classic to the two Franciacortas, along an arc from spring flowers and sage to honey and croissants, and then perceived those same characteristics in the glass.

All in all, an unusual and compelling way to appreciate Franciacortas and their cornucopia of sensorial treasures.