The Family

Franco Ziliani, chosen father of Franciacorta by the area’s winegrowers, guided the winery through the portals of the new millennium, which represents new yet always fascinating challenges. By his side is the second generation, in the figures of his children Cristina, Arturo, and Paolo, who are, respectively directors of Berlucchi’s communications, production, and sales and marketing.

Today’s wine scene is much more protean and competitive than it was in the 1960s, and Franco’s children show every sign of having inherited the pioneer spirit and qualities of the creator of Franciacorta. Theirs is the credit, in fact, for launching the Berlucchi ’61 and Palazzo Lana Riserva lines, but in particular for the total re-structuring of the vineyards and wine-production facility, with the declared objective of absolute quality everywhere and of sustainability.

Today, Guido Berlucchi is a family-run producer deeply rooted in its ancestral growing area and at the same time an ambassador of Franciacorta and Made in Italy to the rest of the world, amply demonstrated by its presence at extraordinary festive occasions–to mention just one, as the official wine for the Oscar won by La Grande Bellezza as Best Foreign Film.

The new generation and all the winery staff are vividly conscious, in all of their activities, of the lesson represented by Franco Ziliani, who still serves as winery president: to realize new achievements, one must have faith in one’s dreams and work hard to bring them to fruition, treasuring the lessons from the past, but gazing fearlessly towards the future.