The Historical Cellar

Buried ten metres beneath ground level, the historic cellar arouses wonder in today’s visitor, just as in the past. This great vault was constructed in the late 17th century by the ancestors of Guido Berlucchi, who aged their wines here.

It is a very impressive sight, with its ancient walls bearing the patina of past centuries, the wooden riddling racks for the Franciacorta Riservas, and the niche that hold the last bottle of the 1961 vintage, eloquent witness of the “firstborn Franciacorta” and inspiration for the magnificent transformation of this growing area.

The fascination represented by the Berlucchi cellar hardly ends with the historic vault, since the cellar continues through galleries and alcoves where the bottles enjoy perfect conditions for slowly maturing.
Equally fascinating is the “historical archive,” where bottles of the finest vintages are stored, neck down, to evaluate their performance over time.