Historic winecellars

Our seventeenth-century cellars where our heritage meets innovation.

Our historic winecellars date back to 1680; located near Palazzo Lana de’Terzi they were built to host the still wines made by the family.

The structure consists of one great vaulted hall 10 metres underground, which ensures a constant temperature of 10°C every month of the year.

Its remarkable fascination consists in its stone walls, in the wooden riddling racks (pupitre) that hold the Franciacorta Riserva bottles for the remuage procedure, but especially in the small, private alcove that guards a true cult bottle. This is the last bottle of the 1961 vintage, exemplar and witness to an idea that changed the winemaking destiny of the Franciacorta growing area, sparkling its virtuous transformation.

This section, then, can fittingly be called the “sancta sanctorum” of the cellars and an iconic spot for Franciacorta in general. But our visit has not yet concluded.

Galleries and niches lead into the areas where the great Franciacorta sparkling wines silently mature, while the Historical Archives, with the bottles preserved “en pointe,” serves as as visual documentation of the finest vintages.

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Continue your experience in the world of Berlucchi by visiting the historic cellar and the Palazzo Lana.

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