Your visit in complete safety

Our measures for your safety

The Guido Berlucchi Winery open its doors in total safety, to its historic underground cellars where the very first Franciacorta was created.

In this initial re-opening phase, children under 6 will not be admitted, but we hope that we will soon be able to welcome our youngest guests, too, and protect them as well.

Our priority is to ensure your good health, and therefore we have put in place a strict protocol, which will be modified or ended when the health crisis is over:

Only small groups may enter our winemaking facility.

Your temperature will be measured at the entrance, and no one with a temperature over 37.5oC will be admitted.

Only those with an appropriate face-mask may enter, and it must be worn correctly through the winery visit.

Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance and during the tour itinerary.

You are asked to follow the guideā€™s directions and to maintain a social distance of at least 2 metres at every moment during the tour.

Animals are not admitted.
We remind you, finally, that since the temperature in our historic cellars is about 13oC, you should have appropriate footwear and comfortable, temperature-appropriate clothing.

Our 1680 cellars with its maze of galleries await you

Our cellars boast over three centuries of history, hidden corners few have seen, a singular alcove that guards the iconic bottle of Franciacorta, and three visit options.

I Classici


I Preziosi


Gli Esclusivi

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