In 1961, the very first bottle of Franciacorta wine was produced, in the Berlucchi cellars. Today, driven by the same passion for innovation, we are launching the first Limited Edition NFT.

The Palazzo Lana Berlucchi riserva, the jewel in the crown of our Franciacorta wines, becomes an exclusive edition of just 10 pieces, produced entirely by hand by Street Artist Teo KayKay.

In this edition, the physical and digital worlds collide to create a unprecedented experience in the history of Franciacorta wines. Purchasing the NFT of the Palazzo Lana bottle by Teo KayKay will entitle the buyer to a personalised experience in the exclusive mansion that gives our riserva wine its name. During the experience it will be possible to pick up one of the 10 unique hand-painted physical bottles.


Buy the NFT of the bottle on OpenSea

10 “cartoon-style” bottles of Palazzo Lana Limited edition by Teo KayKay.

Organise the experience to purchase and collect the physical bottle

Write to providing your Opensea address. The Berlucchi team will verify that the NFT is indeed part of your collection and will contact you with all the details.

Enjoy the exclusive experience at Berlucchi’s Palazzo Lana

The experience will consist of a personalised visit to the historic wine cellar with a tasting in the exclusive Palazzo (open for the occasion).

Pick up the physical bottle

At the end of the experience, it will be possible to pick up one of 10 unique pieces of the Riserva Palazzo Lana Extreme 2010, hand-painted by Teo KayKay.


The collection will only be available for purchase via the NFT, conferring ownership of the physical bottle, which will be stored in the historic cellar until the day it is picked up..


  • a cartoon-style NFT of the bottle of Palazzo Lana by Teo KayKay.
  • the physical bottle of Palazzo Lana Extreme 2010, hand-painted by the artist with a seal tag on the bottle neck made of 100% vegan material, hand-signed certificate of authenticity, special customised tissue paper, elegant wooden box and fabric carry bag with the collection’s logo.
  • storage of the physical bottle at the historic Berlucchi cellars until the day of collection.
  • exclusive experience with tasting at the historic wine cellar and Berlucchi’s Palazzo Lana mansion.


Berlucchi Palazzo Lana NFTs will be purchasable in cryptocurrency. More precisely, the drop will be launched with a price of 0.25 ETH (about €350 as of today’s date) and will be based on the Ethereum blockchain.

If you don’t yet have a profile on Opensea or the Metamask wallet, don’t worry!
We will explain how to create an account to buy the NFT version of your bottle in a few simple steps!
Step 1: install the Metamask app on your smartphone. (Metamask is a wallet where you can collect NFTs as well as Cryptocurrencies. You can also download it directly from
Step 2: complete the registration process in Metamask.
Step 3: once you have completed the installation and registration on Metamask, open the app then open the menu (top left) and click on the “browser” item (this will open a normal web page directly inside the Metamask app).
Step 4: in the search bar at the top type “” and you will enter Opensea. Now via the magnifying glass look for our collection “Berlucchi Palazzo Lana NFT”, click on the result and you will enter the collection.
Step 5: select one of the 10 NFTs and click on “Add to cart”.
Step 6: click on “Complete Purchase”.
At this point, you will not yet have any cryptocurrency in your wallet; when you are asked to add funds,  click on the blue item at the bottom “Add funds with card”.
Step 7: you can buy your cryptocurrencies using the Moonpay system.
Step 8: once the process is complete you can confirm your purchase and the NFT is yours.

Note: This information does not constitute financial advice.

Once the purchase is complete, to see the NFT in your collection simply open the Metamask app, using the top left menu click on “browser” and type “” in the address bar.

You will then enter the main NFT site which is directly integrated with Metamask.
From the menu on the right, click on “Account” and then on “Profile.
You should see your NFT here.
If you do not see it right away, your NFT will probably be hidden. To make it appear and make it visible to anyone, simply scroll down the horizontal menu starting with “collected, created, etc…” to the “More” item and click on “Hidden”.

There you will find your NFT, and by clicking on the three dots in the picture you can decide whether to show it to anyone or keep it hidden.

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. An NFT is a non-interchangeable data unit stored on a blockchain, which can be bought, traded and sold. Different types of NFT data units can be associated with digital files such as photos, videos and more.

You should contact Berlucchi at to book your appointment. You will be asked for your wallet address to verify your ownership of the NFT. Once you arrive at the cellars, your ownership of the NFT will be verified again through Metamask or your Opensea profile. You will then be able to enjoy the exclusive experience at Palazzo Lana and, if you want, you can pick up the physical bottle hand-painted by the artist.

NFTs can be sold, exchanged or given away over time, including before the benefit pack is collected. We must therefore verify that the person presenting himself or herself at the cellars is the genuine owner of the NFT (at the time of collection).

You can collect the physical version within 12 months of purchasing the NFT version.

Every NFT is tracked on the blockchain. On arrival at the cellars we will ask you to verify your ownership through Metamask or your Opensea profile. It is therefore not possible simply to take a screenshot and show up to collect the physical bottle.

Yes, you can resell your NFT before or after collecting the physical version and enjoying the experience at Palazzo Lana. However, the physical bottle and the experience will only be available once.

If the first purchaser of the NFT has not collected the physical version and had the experience at Palazzo Lana, the new owner will be entitled to the benefit pack. If the NFT is sold after having collected the physical bottle and had the experience, the new owner will no longer have access to the benefit pack.

10, just like the physical bottles.

With the exception of the copyright, which remains with the artist, you can use the NFT as you wish (print and frame it, print it on an NFT frame etc.).

The physical bottles are all hand-painted, so they will differ from the NFT version but will still be very similar. NFTs are artistic representations, not real copies.

No, in order to collect the physical bottle you must first possess the NFT version.

Opensea is the leading marketplace for buying, selling and trading NFTs. We chose this platform because it is currently the most widely used in the world.

Opensea is the shop. Metamask is the wallet with which to make purchases in the shop.