Street Artist 

Teo KayKay has been painting graffiti since 1996 and is the first Italian Street Artist to have exclusively customised Italian champagne and sparkling wine bottles in the style of street art.

Having become the benchmark for art and wine, he now guides wineries with artistic direction on special projects and collector’s editions.
Teo KayKay was the first artist to bring the world of champagne into contact with NFTs and to certify each of his artworks using blockchain technology.

Teo KayKay is also known for being a pioneer in evolving his art and enhancing the value of entirely hand-designed bottles by combining art, wine and technology (as he did with NFTs). This has led to numerous imitations and forgeries that are, however, countered by NFTs and blockchain certificates that guarantee their authenticity.
Teo KayKay is also involved in significant charitable activities in support of people, animals and the planet.