Stefano Cerveni and Berlucchi ’61 Nature 2009

March 27, 2017

Some creative, some traditional, but all perfectionists.
Made in Italy maestros wielding a kitchen stove,
stubbornly passionate about their work.
We listened to them translating culinary art into discourse,
with their dishes eloquently reflecting their words,
accompanied by a flûte of ’61 Nature 2009, maison Berlucchi’s latest creation.
The fruit of that address was UNO CHEF UN VINO (A Chef, a Wine), a dynamic portrait of two intriguing personalities.
Come along with us and we’ll discover them together.

Our journey through the world of celebrity chefs continues with Stefano Cerveni of Corte Franca.

Cerveni was born on 4 November 1969 in Rovato, the gastronomic capital of Franciacorta.

Right from his earliest childhood, he absorbed a passion for cooking from his grandmother and from his parents, who owned the Locanda Due Colombe. After graduation from hotelier school, he partnered with his father Giuseppe in the kitchen, and in 2000 took over the reins as chef of the family restaurant. In 2008, Michelin awarded its star to Due Colombe , and two years later, Cerveni moved the restaurant to a more elegant and private location, in the magnificent Borgo San Vitale in Corte Franca.

“What I want is that the passion, dedication, and commitment that I give to my work, that are right there in every dish I prepare, are ingredients that my guests can see, feel, and taste,” says Cerveni. “That means that I want my guests to be able to savour the pleasures of my cooking in a relaxed, warm atmosphere where they can feel at home but still enjoy the meticulous service of our staff and the absolute quality of the raw ingredients that my cooks and I use in our kitchen.”

Among chef Cerveni’s favourite dishes, top honours go to an area classic, the tench, a lake native that the chef’s art makes delicate and aesthetically perfect. Berlucchi ’61 Nature 2009 is the ideal partner, explains Due Colombe sommelier Gianluca Goatelli, since “the intensity and creaminess of the tench, enriched by the outside crust of the stuffing, are perfectly complemented by the lengthy ageing of the Franciacorta. The very delicate bead, tangy flavours, and crispness of this Nature style drive an almost-endless finish, providing an optimal harmony of all its components.”.


Tinca with Berlucchi ’61 Nature

Stefano Cerveni and Gianluca Goatelli

Stefano Cerveni e il sommelier Gianluca Goatelli