A totally-new, ultra-elegant Franciacorta joins the Berlucchi family: Cuvée J.R.E. N° 3.

December 23, 2015


Making its debut is Cuvée J.R.E. N° 3, Franciacorta Rosé Riserva 2007, selected by six women chefs and sommeliers of the Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe.

Last summer, these influential women gathered in the Palazzo Lana Berlucchi, next to the cellars where in 1961 the very first Franciacorta was born, together with Marco Stabile, JRE President, and Arturo Ziliani, Berlucchi’s Oenologist and General Manager. They tasted 9 Riservas, and selected Cuvée J.R.E. N° 3 as the one that appealed most to their expert palates and the one they felt would pair best with the creative dishes they offered in their restaurants.

This Franciacorta Riserva is composed of 38% Pinot Noir and 62% Chardonnay from the 2007 growing year, from grapes grown in the Quindicipiò and Arzelle estate vineyards in Borgonato. The Pinot Noir grapes were given a brief, overnight maceration on the skins. The base wines were matured in steel in order to preserve their crispness. After the cuvée rested 7 years sur lie, the wine was disgorged and give a light dosage of just 2 grams per litre, which allowed the impressive personality the wine had already acquired to shine through.

Cuvée J.R.E. N°3 greets the eye with an immediately alluring bladder-cherry orange tonality. An expansive, complex bouquet releases red forest berry and intriguing evolved notes, while the palate is full-volumed and long-lingering, with a perfectly-integrated acidity. Feminine in appearance, complex and uncompromising in its heart, this wine is a small jewel of nature and winemaking. Only 3,980 bottles were produced, and are available only in JRE-affiliated restaurants. Cuvée N° 3 furthers strengthens the relationship between the restaurateurs’ group and Guido Berlucchi, and the brimming glasses raised in a toast at the next festivities will become even more exclusive.