April 7, 2022

For its eagerly-awaited dramatic unveiling of the brand-new Taycan Sport Turismo sportscar on 31 March in Milan, the Centri Porsche di Milano has chosen Berlucchi as its beverage partner.  

This international-level event offers Porsche enthusiasts across the globe an opportunity to witness the launch of this famous Maison’s innovative electric model.

The Guido Berlucchi-Porsche partnership pre-dates this event, in fact, since Berlucchi was selected last year as a Porsche Destination Charging station; our winery joined a select group of luxe hotels, restaurants, golf courses, and tourism ports as an integral part of Porsche’s network of free charging stations for its fully-electric cars, such as the new Taycan, and its e-hybrids.

Porsche selected Guido Berlucchi thanks to the universally-recognised high quality of our Franciacortas, of course, but above all for our unswerving commitment, for over 20 years now, to achieving sustainability across all our production activities.

Sustainability and excellence are an unbeatable partnership!