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Berlucchi Brings ’61 and ’61 rosé to Vienna for the festival Franciacorta

Franciacorta ’61 Brut and Franciacorta ’61 Rosé will be the two house champions that Berlucchi will bring to the Festival della Franciacorta that will open on 28 May at the Regina Hotel in the Roseveltplatz in Vienna.

Some 20 Consorzio Franciacorta member producers will participate in the wine event in Austria’s capital which, as usual, will be enriched by in-depth workshops and themed tastings of the area’s wines.

Berlucchi will offer two world-class classics in its ’61 family of Franciacorta. The velvet-smooth, beautifully-balanced ’61 Brut is a “wine for all courses”—of a meal, of course, and the nonpareil partner with Franciacorta’s cuisine, above all filled fresh-pasta casoncelli and lake-fish—perch and char. The vibrant ’62 Rosé pairs deliciously with salumi, full-flavored first courses, and cheeses—including aged cheeses–, while its firm structure brings out the best in shellfish.