From the heart of Franciacorta onto the world stage: Berlucchi Franciacorta joins Great Wines of the World USA. Learn all about our awarded wines. 

June 6, 2024

Berlucchi will be spotlighted at one of the year’s most significant tasting events. James Suckling has selected the winery to participate in the prestigious Great Wines of the World USA event. After the first event in Miami on Feb. 29 and March 1, the global event makes a stop in New York on June 5 and 6 for a two-day event at the stunning location of the Glasshouse, the event center with a panoramic view of all of Manhattan.

Great Wines World USA: the event

Great Wines World USA is a key event on the calendar of international wine showcases, and its position is just as strong this year. James Suckling personally chose 400 of the world’s top wine producers and 900 of their wines. All wines received scores between 92 and 100 in Suckling’s tastings.

Berlucchi’s presence at the Great Wines World USA

Berlucchi will bring its two most prestigious Franciacortas to the event, ‘61 Nature 2016 and Riserva Palazzo Lana Extrême 2011, on which Suckling’s authoritative magazine bestowed 91 and 93 points, respectively.

These two wines express the quintessence of Berlucchi’s renowned elegance and winemaking commitment, and amply testify to the renowned expertise of Berlucchi’s wine-making staff in creating Franciacorta masterpieces.

Berlucchi’s participation represents an impressive tribute to this historic Franciacorta producer, and it is proud to join fellow winegrowers and producers to share their passion and winemaking dedication.

No one should miss this exceptional occasion to discover and savour some of the world’s finest wines and to join Berlucchi Franciacorta in becoming an intimate part of a truly unique experience.