From 18 June to 3 July special openings for winery visits and events.

May 10, 2016


The Floating Piers, a “land-art installation” by celebrated artist Christo, will open to the public on Saturday 18 June and remain open through Sunday 3 July.

Art-lovers across the globe have been waiting for this event with intense anticipation. It consists of a true “walk on the water”–a pontoon-pathway right on the surface of the lake waters, which will connect the mainland with Monte Isola, in the centre of Lago d’Iseo, the picturesque alpine lake south of the Val Camonica.

Those 16 extraordinary days of the installation will give all those who savour the Beautiful and the Bountiful a nonpareil opportunity to explore Christo’s work as well as the magic that is Franciacorta.

In fact, the spot that Christo chose for his installation lies a mere 10 minutes by car or train from Franciacorta and from Berlucchi’s own winecellars, that fabled vault where in 1961 the area’s very first classic-method wine was born. Those bottles of Franciacorta ante litteram shaped the entire productive future of this modest growing area, which today has become the source of Italy’s most prestigious bottle-fermented sparkling wines.

In honour of Christo’s installation, from 18 June through 3 July, Berlucchi will significantly expand its hospitality programme, with longer opening hours and a host of exclusive tastings, events, and opportunities.

Here are some details:

From 18 June through 3 July, from 10.00am through midnight, that is, throughout the entire day (!), visitors will be able to explore the historic Berlucchi cellars, with guided tours departing every hour.  During the tour, the guide will recount the history of Franciacorta and of Berlucchi, and will immerse guests in the secrets of producing a Franciacorta, from grapevine to glass. The tour will end, appropriately, with a tasting of one or two styles of Franciacorta.

Lake Iseo Berlucchi

On Thursday, 23 June, Berlucchi’s spacious tasting salon will resound with the notes of a grand musical event, La Musica È Pericolosa (Music is Dangerous), directed by Nicola Piovani, one of Italy’s most acclaimed contemporary musicians. He won a 1999 Oscar for his sound track for Roberto Benigni’s La Vita è Bella (Life is Beautiful). The concert is sponsored by Le X Giornate within the context of the Notte di Franciacorta festival.

On Saturday, 25 June, in conjunction with the Festival Franciacorta d’Estate, the Berlucchi guided tours will conclude with a tasting of local specialty foods. Guests will enjoy two or three styles of Franciacorta paired with the elegant goat cheeses of Le Frise di Artogne, in the Val Camonica, and the richly-flavoured salumi of Polastri Maceler in Adro.

On Saturday June 25, from 11.00am-6.00pm, Palazzo Lana Berlucchi will serve as the stylish venue for a double-barrelled treat. Chef Vittorio Fusari, recognised philosopher of the Franciacorta culinary tradition, will prepare manzo all’olio, the signature dish of local cuisine, in his own inimitable and innovative fashion. As an unusual and felicitous accompaniment to the dish, guests will be fortunate to taste the totally-new Millesimato Berlucchi ’61 Nature 2009. A guided tour of the 17th-century palazzo will conclude the evening.

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