After stops in the United Kingdom and Japan, Festival Franciacorta is on schedule to arrive in Germany.

June 13, 2017

After stops in the United Kingdom and Japan, Festival Franciacorta is on schedule to arrive in Germany, more precisely on Monday, 26 June, in Munich.

As at previous stops, Berlucchi is proud to be one of the Ambassadors of Franciacorta, offering two standout wines: the ’61 Satèn, pure Chardonnay elegance in a flute, and the ’61 Nature 2010, our striking non-dosage aged 5 years sur lie.

It is no coincidence that the German organisers refer to Franciacorta wines as the “pearls” of Italy’s classic-method sparklers and regard them as peers in nobility and prestige of the finest Champagnes. The tasting itself will be enhanced by workshops focusing on the growing area and production method, initiating the German wine-lovers into the secrets of the 35 Franciacorta producers who will be guests in the Bavarian capital. Nor is that all, since the German press and experts, for whom this wine spectacular is designed, will be able to gain a deeper appreciation of these wines by tasting them paired with specialty foods classic to Franciacorta.
We are fully confident that participants will report “Mission successful.”

Festival Franciacorta