November 13, 2020
We take all the best from Franciacorta.
We want to give it back as well.

Our sustainability path has reached a fundamental step this year: the publication of our first sustainability report.

Year after year, harvest after harvest, neither hailstorms, nor freezes, nor droughts have checked our dream of creating a company with ever-heightened respect for the area in which we live, protecting it as a heritage that cannot be degraded, and untiringly improving the quality of wines bearing the name Franciacorta.

Our 2019 Sustainability Report, developed and produced with the consultancy of EY Sustainability and with the collaboration of LifeGate, analyses a more than 20-year process and showcase the various quality achievements impacting the 85 hectares of estate vineyards belonging to the Franciacorta pioneer and category founder, as well as the approximately 450 hectares of those of its partner-growers.
Those achievements range from the campaign against soil impoverishment through use of avant-garde and experimental technologies; to adaptation
to climate change through the utilisation of new winemaking approaches and introduction of more appropriate native grapes, such as Erbamat; and reduction of resources consumption. But Guido Berlucchi’s vision reaches far beyond matters strictly and directly related to wine production, extending just as important to the complex impacts on the socio-cultural fabric of its overall area.


“We find ourselves at the moment at a very complex juncture, – stated Arturo Ziliani, Guido Berlucchi CEO and Technical Director – and, in addition, almost at the opening of a history-making year for Guido Berlucchi, since 2021 will be the 60th anniversary of the very first bottle of Franciacorta, which we created. We want to greet that milestone with a message of positivity, determination, and awareness: that we have no other choice but to treat our Planet and those who live upon it with exquisite care, each of us willingly doing our part.”

You’ll find here the summary… enjoy it!