With the arrival of summer, the desire to be outdoors and the chance to spend time with friends, indulging in a moment of relaxation while enjoying a Berlucchi for your aperitif is almost a must. To make such a special moment stylish and unforgettable, here are the Franciacorta wines from our winery you simply cannot ignore.

Thanks to the lower pressure in the bottle (maximum 5 atmospheres), the features of Satèn are unique and unmistakable: its pleasant flavour and freshness go hand in hand with a naturally delicate, silky smoothness. That’s why we would opt for this type of wine, produced only in the Franciacorta region. Read on to find out about our Satèns.

Let’s start with the new entry in the Cuvée Imperiale Line: Cuvée Imperiale Satèn. The Italian icon of conviviality meets the elegance of Satèn: take 100% Chardonnay, directly from our Franciacorta vineyards, add a double fermentation prior to the moment of disgorgement and hey presto: this iconic bottle is born! Ideal for aperitif time. A toast with a glass of Berlucchi Cuvée Imperiale Satèn will become the de rigueur way to add a sparkle to your day.

Fresh from its restyling, this icon of style and design will give your table that added dash of elegance: Berlucchi ’61 Satèn. A Blanc de Blancs made with 100% Chardonnay grapes, straw yellow in colour, with a soft and creamy foam. Elegance, a subtle perlage and a mild fragrance are just three of the characteristics that guarantee you will fall in love with its smooth taste, pleasant structure and fresh finish, sip after delightful sip.

The perfect pairing? Satèn is ideal with raw seafood, and definitely worth trying with prosciutto from Sauris, Parma or San Daniele, or cheeses that are not too mature. And for something a little different, why not try it with pizza or focaccia?

Tough choice. Let us know which you prefer.


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