The limited edition BERLUCCHI PALAZZO LANA NFT is launched today.

November 24, 2022

The limited edition BERLUCCHI PALAZZO LANA NFT is launched today.

We have loved innovation since 1961, and today we are launching the new limited edition Berlucchi Palazzo Lana NFT created by celebrated Street Artist Teo KayKay.

In this special edition, digital art meets the physical and experiential world in an exclusive collection of just 10 cartoon-style NFT artworks.  Purchasing the NFT of the bottle entitles the buyer not only to receive the digital image, but also to collect one of 10 physical bottles – hand-painted by the artist – directly from our cellars and experience an unforgettable experience at Berlucchi’s historic Palazzo Lana  in Franciacorta.

This special edition, created in the artist’s signature style, is the fruit of Teo KayKay’s desire to infiltrate the world of luxury with street art using the sprays and markers that characterise the technique and style of graffiti. From Berlucchi’s perspective, the intention is to enter the innovative market of collecting and digital art. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are in fact tools that make it possible to digitise collectible objects. In the wine world, they make it possible to experience and collect valuable bottles such as our Riserva Palazzo Lana Extreme.

The desire to innovate and venture into unexplored worlds is at the very roots of our company” – explains Arturo Ziliani, CEO of Guido Berlucchi –  “With this new project we are channelling the same visionary spirit that drove my father, Franco Ziliani, along with Guido Berlucchi, to create the first sparkling wine in Franciacorta in 1961. We embrace Teo KayKay’s flair and creative insight, confident that these artworks will mark a new first for our company, taking us to new frontiers and opening the way for Franciacorta in the world of digital art.


What does one obtain by purchasing the limited edition BERLUCCHI PALAZZO LANA NFT?


This is what one will be able to access by deciding to purchase one of the limited edition BERLUCCHI PALAZZO LANA NFTs:

  • A digital artwork, our NFT (Non Fungible Token), represented by a cartoon-style bottle of Palazzo Lana Extreme with golden hearts and diamonds interspersed with splashes of paint, a clear reference to the signature style of street artist Teo KayKay. Those collectors who purchase the digital work will also get the physical version of the bottle, which they can choose either to store in the company’s historic cellars or to collect (exclusively in person);
  • The corresponding physical bottle, hand-painted by the artist, of Palazzo Lana Extreme 2010, in one of the ten unique examples produced. A limited edition produced with meticulous attention to detail, featuring a seal tag on the bottle neck made of 100% vegan material, special customised tissue paper, a wooden box and fabric bag with the collection’s logo. The physical bottle will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity personally signed by the artist. The tangible part of the artwork can only be obtained by purchasing the NFT, which entitles the purchaser to ownership of the physical bottle, stored in the cellar until collected;
  • An exclusive experience in our wine cellars providing the opportunity to visit Berlucchi’s Palazzo Lana, which will be opened specially for the occasion, and enjoy an exclusive premium tasting.


How can you buy the limited edition BERLUCCHI PALAZZO LANA NFT?


The 10 original artworks can be purchased exclusively in cryptocurrency on the Opensea website (the largest active marketplace for NFTs). The launch price will be 0.25 ETH.

You too can be a part of the Berlucchi NFT world: buy one of the ten exclusive pieces in our limited edition!