Presented in July 2022 as the star of the renewed ’61 Line, we introduce Berlucchi ’61 Extra Brut.

October 20, 2022

Presented in July 2022 as the star of the renewed ’61 Line, we introduce Berlucchi ’61 Extra Brut.

Along with the restyled design of the entire ’61 line, launched in July, Berlucchi’s big news for 2022 is the arrival of the ’61 Extra Brut.

It all begins with a new communication concept for the entire line that focuses on the year 1961. As well as being the year the very first Franciacorta was created in our cellars, it is also a Prime Number: indivisible in itself, and likewise inseparable from the territory that produced it, the origin of its success. A year, a turning point in the history of Italian wine, and a uniqueness that its founders – Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani – had perhaps already imagined, one that has guided them for over 60 years. 1961 is a founding date in the corporate history of Guido Berlucchi, but also a date – and a period – that signified an extraordinary phase of cultural renewal for Italy, with the birth of a “modernity” in many fields that has made it a country that is still admired and envied throughout the world today. Since that time, Design, Architecture, Lifestyles, Wine and Food have become a unique and fundamental part of the finest Italian DNA. These values have been transmitted to the restyling of the ’61 line.

The restyling continues with the highly innovative new look conceived for the ’61 Extra Brut: new visual languages, colours and ideas where nature and design take pride of place; a tribute to the extraordinary ’60s – refraining from nostalgia or “retro” inspiration – but rather capturing and distilling the driving force of the new modern Italy. Even the shape of the label is more appealing, its dual colour scheme, combined with the unusual structure made up of two overlapping papers, guiding the tasting experience from the first touch.

For the forefather of the ’61 Line, the restyling involves not only aesthetics but also taste. Hence the Extra Brut version of Berlucchi ’61, the ultimate expression of naturalness from the Berlucchi vineyards, with almost zero dosage. To satisfy the new philosophy of accentuating the products’ natural quality, our winemaker decided to reduce the dosage to a minimum. So we arrive at an Extra Brut, only 5gr/litre of dosage syrup, for a taste that is a true and sincere reflection of the bottle’s contents.


What to expect from this Franciacorta?

A straw-yellow colour with greenish reflections characterises this blend of Chardonnay (85%) and Pinot Noir (15%) from the best vineyards in Franciacorta, refined in the bottle for at least 24 months.
The aroma is fresh, rich and elegant, quite persistent, with notes of apple, pear and a pleasant citrus note on the finish.
The taste reveals exceptional freshness, balanced acidity and a pleasant citrus aftertaste on the finish.


How to pair it?

Extremely pleasant and versatile, it is ideal for an aperitif or throughout a meal. With rice or pasta-based dishes, as well as white meats or fresh and medium-aged cheeses, it enhances their flavours without ever overpowering them.

In short, it’s sure to satisfy even the most indecisive palates! It will win you over with its fresh, citrusy taste and its versatility in pairing.

Now all that remains is for you to enjoy your #berlucchimoments in the company of our new ’61 Extra Brut.

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