May 5, 2023

What do we mean by sustainable viticulture?

Our Berlucchi winery has chosen to invest in sustainable viticulture to ensure lasting business growth. But what does “sustainable viticulture” actually mean?

It is a holistic approach that considers the entire ecosystem in which the vine grows. It means adopting environmentally-friendly farming practices, preserving biodiversity and soil fertility, and reducing the use of harmful chemicals, as well as promoting efficient water use and renewable energy. 

In other words, sustainable viticulture is a way of cultivating vines that respects both the environment and the workforce, while at the same time ensuring the production of high-quality wines.


So how have we put this philosophy into practice? 

Sustainability has been a priority for Berlucchi for more than 20 years.

In line with this philosophy, we have launched, among many others, an innovative project called “Bees in the Berlucchi vineyard.”

This project involves placing beehives within our vineyards to encourage the reproduction and spread of bees. Bees are essential for the pollination of plants, and consequently for the enrichment of biodiversity within the vineyard. Introducing as much diversity of flora and fauna as possible into the vineyard ecosystem restores its natural balance.

The main aim of our “Bees in the Berlucchi Vineyard” project is to promote biodiversity within our vineyards by protecting the natural habitat of bees and other insects that live in symbiosis with the vines. What’s more, because they are sensitive to pollutants and climate variations, bees are also important indicators of the health of the local environment.

The “Bees in the Berlucchi Vineyard” project has additional advantages, such as reducing the use of chemicals, thanks to the bees’ ability to control pest infestations, and the production of high quality honey, derived from our vines.


But why is sustainability important to us? 

Our commitment to sustainability, however, goes beyond this project. We have also adopted various green practices in the management of the winery, such as using solar panels for energy production, optimising water consumption and eliminating waste of raw materials.

Among our achievements, we are especially proud to have reduced water consumption by 12% compared to 2019, thanks to the adoption of drip irrigation systems and the rational management of water resources. Moreover, we have decreased the use of chemicals in the vineyards by 6%, by adopting alternative techniques for plant protection and using natural compounds.

Our investment in renewable energy through our photovoltaic system now meets 20% of the winery’s energy needs and has reduced CO2 emissions by 19% compared to 2019, thanks in part to the use of environmentally-friendly means of transport.


We believe this is the right way to ensure a better future for our company and our local area. We like to think that our wines are not only of high quality, but also ethical and responsible. Are you ready to join us in our challenge to build a more sustainable world?


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