March 29, 2023

We are delighted to announce the launch of a partnership between Berlucchi and Vinitaly International Academy. As of this year, the special “Franco Ziliani” award has been established.

As part of its commitment to supporting talented young people, the future stars of the sector, from this year Guido Berlucchi will promote the Franco Ziliani Award, assigned on 27 March by the company to the best student on the Vinitaly International Academy course, affirming the company as an Educational Supporter of the academy.


Vinitaly International Academy, the gold standard in the field of Italian wine education, hosts an educational course on Italian wine for professionals and educators. The ultimate goal is to generate a global network of highly qualified professionals as Italian Wine Ambassadors and Italian Wine Experts to support and promote Italian wine around the world.


The prize was awarded to the best student on the course, and was presented in person by the Ziliani family.