“Our desire is to offer a unique experience that communicates our passion and our philosophy of cooking and living, our attention to detail and our hospitality, with the same family style that has distinguished us for almost forty years.”

Today we meet Chef Aurora Mazzucchelli, born into the trade with a chef father and a pasta-maker mother, who combines life and study in the Casa Mazzucchelli project in Sasso Marconi (BO).

Here, the Chef’s refined contemporary cuisine merges with the art of baking to create an explosion of different textures and aromas.


Chef Mazzucchelli proposes a surprising dish to pair with  Berlucchi Cuvée JRE n°5, the Franciacorta wine created by Berlucchi specifically for the chefs of the JRE association, to which she belongs.

To make the most of it, Aurora proposes an intriguing quail with lavender and nutmeg-scented Parmigiano Reggiano fondue, with almonds, white focaccia and pancetta. This dish combines the simplicity of the farmyard and the excellence of Emilia Romagna, in a marriage of elegance and smoothness, with that floral and pungent touch of lavender that “like a comma, accentuates the flavour!

This rich and complex dish is the perfect match for Berlucchi Cuvée JRE n°5,  a 2009 vintage Franciacorta Riserva, 100% Chardonnay with more than 10 years of ageing on the lees. The wine conveys vivacity and grace in the glass, elegantly elevating the flavour of the dish and leaving a clean and very pleasant finish on the palate.


In the Chef’s words:

The accompanying song: ‘Il pulcino ballerino’ (‘The dancing chick’) by the Small Choir of the Antoniano – A fun and “bubbly” song, which represents both the dish and the local area.

My #Berlucchimoments is a family moment, behind closed doors. For us, it’s very important to keep up the tradition of eating at least one dinner a week together as a family, enjoying good food and, of course, good wine.