“In this restaurant we are inspired by a philosophy of simplicity, attention to detail and high-quality ingredients, without highlighting luxury or extravagance, because that is not part of our culture.”

Today we meet Chef Daniel Canzian, a chef and entrepreneur from Veneto, who has run the Ristorante Daniel Canzian Alta Cucina Veneta since opening it in 2013, in the heart of Milan’s historic Brera district. Here is his personal workshop, where the star is regional cuisine, interpreted by the expert hand of a skilled chef who manages to breathe new life into it.

Chef Canzian’s cuisine is of course linked to Veneto, his home region, an area rich in raw materials with an incredible diversity of microclimates. His approach is aimed at “rediscovering” traditional Italian recipes, and “lightening” them to make them more suitable for contemporary palates. A cuisine inspired by tradition, without too many bells and whistles, providing flavour and recovering age-old dishes, enhancing their simplicity and the quality of the ingredients, without ever resorting to ostentation. The Chef’s personal approach is also to enliven everything with “artistic” ideas and touches, making the result even more appealing.


Chef Canzian proposes a surprising dish to pair with Berlucchi Cuvée JRE n°6, the Franciacorta wine created by Berlucchi specifically for the chefs of the JRE association, to which he belongs.

The chef presents us with his famous brodetto vivace (or “lively broth”), with seafood from the upper Adriatic Sea. Brodetto is a traditional Italian dish that, in its northern-Lagoon version, features local mussels and clams. It is enlivened by the presence of fruit such as oranges in syrup, and pickled vegetables, served in a broth made by clarifying tomatoes. The clarification makes the infusion completely transparent, allowing and all the elements and ingredients that comprise it to be easily identified.

A very simple but well-defined dish with a sound history behind it. Precisely the same characteristics as Berlucchi Cuvée JRE n°6, a 2009 vintage Franciacorta Riserva, 100% Chardonnay with more than 10 years of ageing on the lees. Featuring elegant bubbles but with a strong structure, it’s a distinctive and pleasant wine that goes well with the savouriness of the dish, creating a harmonious and elegant pairing.


In the Chef’s words:

My #Berlucchimoments is a moment dedicated to myself. Those five minutes of the day that you savour, in the company of an excellent bubbly. Five minutes that help you to decompress from the frenetic pace of everyday life and offer you mental clarity, with a little relaxation and a sip of good Franciacorta wine, enabling you to reflect on the future with a smile on your face.