In the Middle Ages, the areas that extended south from Lago d’Iseo were francae curtes, or exempted from customs duties. In exchange for this privilege, its inhabitants committed themselves to maintaining and protecting the road that connected the lake with Brescia, the route into the city for valuable merchandise coming to Iseo from the Val Camonica.

So the toponym Franciacorta entered history, that blessed corner of earth where traces of vine-growing date as early as the Lombard period in the 8th century AD. It morainic soils, mild climate tempered by the Lago d’Iseo, and cool breezes from the Val Camonica create, in fact, optimal conditions for growing high-quality grapes.

Franciacorta is a vine-carpeted garden comprising 250 square metres and 19 communes, with its 2,900 hectares of vineyards planted 80% to Chardonnay and the remaining 20% to Pinot Noir and Pinot Bianco, two noble varieties that, respectively, give to Franciacortas their elegance and personality.

Franciacorta vaunts more than 100 producers who, every harvest, transform their grapes into true treasures of mousse, beading cascades, and aromatic mosaics through a complex of the world’s most rigorous regulations for this category of wine. Proud of the accolades bestowed on their Franciacorta DOCG wines, the producers are pleased to open the doors of their cellars to share with wine-lovers the noble fruits of their passionate commitment.