September 27, 2023

On Tuesday, September 27, 2023, in the Sculpture Park at the Viridarium of the Santa Giulia Museum, we proudly unveiled the final light sculpture of “Vite Operose,” (“Hard-working Lives”) by artist Valerio Rocco Orlando curated by Caroline Corbetta, an integral part of Academia Berlucchi’s Casa dei Talenti. This collaborative art project, involving diverse communities, explores work, identity, and integration, leaving an indelible mark in three key locations: Borgonato, Bergamo, and Brescia.


“IL LAVORO HA DIVERSI VOLTI” now adorns the tower of Castello Berlucchi in Borgonato. It symbolises human interaction, the dignity of work, and the unique identity of the region, where rural and urban life, nature and culture merge. The community involved in the creative process consists of a number of our employees who volunteered to take part in the workshops with the artist.


“CHI DIVENTARE?” shines out over the courtyard of GAMeC – Bergamo’s Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art, and becomes part of the museum’s collections. This work encapsulates the dreams, aspirations, and fears of young people entering the world of work, but ultimately involves all citizens. The community involved in this case includes the students of the Bergamo Politecnico delle Arti.


“FORMIAMO UMANITA’ rises majestically in the Viridarium of the Museo di Santa Giulia in Brescia, conveying a universal message. It symbolizes the power of art to foster dialogue between cultures and its role in shaping our common humanity. The creative process involved artistic and cultural mediators from the Brescia Delegation of the FAI Group Ponte tra culture (Bridge between cultures), a community of volunteer cultural mediators from various countries who have been living in Brescia for years.


The collaborative public art project “Vite Operose” has been a testament to the enduring power of art in enriching our cultural heritage and society. Supported by Academia Berlucchi, it has brought together diverse communities, bridging cultural divides, promoting inclusivity, and acting as a catalyst for dialogue and integration.


Founded in 2019 by the Ziliani family, Academia Berlucchi has played a vital role in facilitating constructive dialogue and reflection on the future in harmony with the local area. It has provided a platform for thought leaders to address critical issues such as sustainability, creativity, social innovation, culture, and tourism. In 2023, as the Capital of Culture year continues to unfold, “Vite Operose” will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, further enriching the cultural heritage and appeal of these vibrant regions.