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September 1, 2017

September 2017 brings Festival Franciacorta, two event-packed days for discovering the natural treasures of the Brescia area south of Lago d’Iseo.

Berlucchi, the producer who in 1961 introduced to the world the very first Franciacorta, has created an event programme for the weekend of 16-17 September that will delight and intrigue the most demanding lovers of fine wine and food.

On Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11.00am, those who are fascinated by the culture of wine will enjoy the adventure of visiting a truly remarkable wine cellar, strolling through underground galleries and alcoves while personally witnessing the Franciacorta production method and hearing about the fascinating history of maison Berlucchi.

At the conclusion of the guided tour, guests will taste Berlucchi ’61, in the Satèn, Rosé, and Nature Millesimato styles. The last tour will depart at 5.00pm.

Those wine-lovers who are looking for an utterly unique experience will join Winemaker Arturo Ziliani as he guides them through a tasting of two rare Reserves,  Palazzo Lana, in its “forceful” Extrême style, 100% Pinot Noir with almost zero dosage, and Satèn, a wine of pure Chardonnay elegance. This exclusive event, on Saturday and Sunday at 11.00am, has a very limited number of places.

The third proposal offered by Berlucchi for the Festival Franciacorta boasts the name of Let’s Twist, and the chef-twister is one of Italy’s most creative and charismatic culinary artists, Moreno Cedroni. A true genius who delights in breaking all the rules, Cedroni has garnered 2 Michelin stars in his La Madonnina del Pescatore in Senigallia. On Saturday, the kitchen of Palazzo Lana Berlucchi will be his kingdom, as he creates mouth-watering seafood dishes, all paired with Berlucchi’s most exclusive wines.

The format will a single-tabled social dinner, with all seated at a monumental table set in the “Fabulous 1960s” style, but with a contemporary flair; the ‘60s, too, will emanate from Chef Cedroni’s creations. All in all, an evening with the fresh, eclectic, easy-going mood perfectly reflected in the Berlucchi ’61 line, Franciacortas that are modern in outlook, but offspring of a long, rigorous tradition.