Berlucchi is writing a new chapter in its history of excellence. Riserva Palazzo Lana Extrême 2013 is the fruit of the expertise and quality evolution that marks Franciacorta’s pioneering producer.

April 9, 2024

A milestone in the history of Italian winegrowing: Berlucchi Franciacorta is putting the final touches on the latest chapter of its history, a narrative that celebrates a now-legendary past composed of the passion and vision of Guido Berlucchi  and Franco Ziliani, a farsightedness that gazes on a future that will bring increased lustre and innovation.

Representing Berlucchi Franciacorta today are its ultra-renowned Riservas, the quintessence of savoir faire, exclusivity, and terroir authenticity, created specifically for the most knowledgeable international connoisseurs. Berlucchi Riservas are the very embodiments of a history that began in 1961, a hidden garden, a familiar but exclusive reserve, in which every discovery reveals itself gracefully and yet only partially, where each step brings a new surprise, drawing ever more closely to beauty and amazement. Hence, Berlucchi Riservas, priceless gems shaped for timeless conservation, brilliant examples of winemaking expertise and excellence.

The producer that created the first Franciacorta Classic Method prepares a further revelation, with what will without doubt become one of Italian wine’s new icons: Riserva Palazzo Lana Extrême.

It was in 2009 that the initial vintage was introduced to the public. That was followed by years dedicated to efforts in both the vineyards and winemaking, to bring to the acme of perfection a wine that, even at its release, personified the very pinnacle of Pinot Noir expressiveness.

A project such that, right from the very beginning, it became a model that Berlucchi could apply to all its wines: selection of only the finest growing years; lengthy, carefully-monitored maturations; a striving for elegance and complexity. A true tribute to the various styes of Franciacorta, the DOCG with the world’s most rigorous production code, a wine that by its very nature preserves a timeless elegance.

That long and arduous adventure culminates today in the unveiling of the new vintage of Berlucchi Franciacorta Palazzo Lana Extrême Riserva, the 2013. Not only did its character demand a re-styling, but its production method was painstakingly tightened. Just a little more than 10,000 bottles, 100% Pinot Noir, grapes grown in the finest vine-rows of two Berlucchi estate vineyards: Brolo in Borgonato, the historic vineyard of the 17th-century palazzo that gives its name to this Riserva; and Quindicipiò. This Extra Brut is distinguished by the slenderest of supple beads, and by an aristocratic nose of yellow peach, apricot, and candied orange zest. On the palate, a pronounced crispness, earthy minerality, and a tasty vein of acidity heighten its firm structure. Riserva 2013 appears in a newly-designed dress, minimal and refined, whose elegant details underscore the rarity of the wine they adorn. The label is black cotton paper that contrasts with gold foil, and a delicate metallic effect further heightens the noble impression and gives the brand its true, one-of-a-kind uniqueness.